Sep 12

V’s 1st Red Sox Game

(2.5 weeks old)


Jun 12

Red Sox L v Mariners

What great fun for a Seattle-Bostonian Baby Shower!

May 12

Red Sox Memorial Day Game

May 12

Red Sox v Orioles (L, 2-8)

In addition to moving this weekend, we took a break at Fenway.

Apr 12

Visiting our Fenway Brick

Awhile ago, we purchased a Fenway brick as a part of a renovation Fenway was doing.  They had some “visiting hours” for donators to go see their brick.  This week was Fenway’s 100th anniversary.  Even though the Red Sox themselves are crumbling (already!), it is fun to have our names on display at Fenway.

Our brick is at Gate B; we consider Gate B “our gate”  as it is the one we use every game we attend.  We walk to Fenway from our house and the walk leads right to Gate B.  Gate B is also where the new Royal Rooters club is located.  Josh loves the original Royal Rooters.  Our brick is in the Jerry Remy section.

Everyone got a duplicate, commemorative brick and display case when they bought the Fenway brick.  We keep ours near our Red Sox commemorative baseball from the 700th sellout game we were at, our rookie year Harangody-signed mini Celtics basketball and bobble heads – gotta keep all the sports stuff together.