Jun 12

Celtics W v Heat – 93-91 OT

We got to see the Celtics win Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.  They ran away with it in the beginning, but it ended up taking OT to get a W.  We had such a good season cheering for our team.  We took some photos of our seats this year as we knew we might not get a chance to watch another game from them this season.  We are so lucky to be fans of such a great team.

May 12

Celtics W v 76ers – 101-85

Eastern Conference Semifinals, Game 5

Celtics W, 101-85


May 12

Celtics W v Hawks – 101-79

In addition to moving this weekend, and catching a Red Sox game, and our 9th Walk for Hunger, we caught a Celtics game… the 4th game of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals to be exact.  Watching a C’s W after the Walk, was a fun end to a great day.

Jun 10

NBA Finals, Game 4: Celtics v Lakers

A Win. The Celtics tied the series back up to 2-2. With a 96-89 win.

These were our last tickets of the season.  Maybe our last time seeing Ray Allen in Celtics green.  Maybe the last time seeing Doc coaching the C’s.  Not to mention TA.  For sure Thibs is gone.  All these thoughts were hard to suppress while we were watching them play.  It was a fun game to attend – got to watch the Baby and Nate show, while Pierce had another one of his quiet nights captaining the team without much notice, but without him, no W.

On a fun note:  Jeannette’s Grandmother loves Nate Robinson; she always wants him to play because he brings such “spitfire” to the game.  She gets very annoyed with Doc when he doesn’t bring him in when she thinks he should.  When Nate was playing so long tonight, and so well, and we were all jumping and and waving our towels and yelling and screaming – Jeannette turned to her random neighbor seatmate at the Garden and screamed (to be heard above the din): MY GRANDMA LOVES THAT GUY!!!

Also on a fun note:  Our friends Barb & Jon flew out for the game – and even though their visit was short we had a GREAT time with them.  We even broke the seal on our BeerWorks boycott – it had to be done sometime, and why not with great friends?  Please come back soon Barb & Jon!

A little postgame video of Shrek & Donkey for you:

National Anthem:

Sneaky Rondo: 


Let Me Hear It!!!!: 

Our Last Starting Line Up We’ll See This Year



Ray Allen: 


The Captain and The Truth!:

Come Back Doc!:

Here we go: 



JFJ’s last game this season: 

Barb & Jon, J & Josh celebrating the W with our own postgame conference: 

Jun 10

NBA Finals, Game 3: Celtics v Lakers

(91-84) L

We were displeased.

Lakers now up 2-1 in the series.

On a personal note, the 9pm start time is brutal for getting home after the game at a reasonable time to get to bed to be able to work properly the next day.  We rode our bikes to the game as it cuts our commute drastically.  But this definitely takes away from our “digest time”.  Normally we walk home.  This walk either lets us feast on the glory and come down from the high of a good win – or lets us sit (read: walk) and stew and analyze each play where it all wrong.  By the time we get home we have calmed down enough from either the loss or the win to be able to sleep.  Biking home does not allow this, we get home too quick, we don’t talk while we bike, and biking only brings your adrenaline and senses up – not down.  Sleep didn’t come easy after Game 3.

Sane people keep reminding us it is a 7 game series.