Nov 12

Week 11 in Review

  • Violette spent more cuddle time with Miss Lis and Mr. Philip
  • We went to the Celtics-Spurs game, with a BeerWorks post game
  • Had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Pastor John’s house, with only one wardrobe change required
  • Took V on her first commuter rail ride up to Manchester-by-the-Sea for a visit with Gary and Daniel
  • Headed back to BeerWorks to watch another Celtics game and hang out with the Sheehy crew (setting V’s current record of 3 trips to BeerWorks in 1 week).
  • V had her first bath and loved kicking in the water!


Oct 11

El Presidential Boston Tour

Aug 10

Lis & Philip Celebration!

We went to San Francisco to celebrate the marriage of our great friends Philip and Alisa! We had an amazing weekend, saw good friends, did a super fun Anchor Steam brewery tour, and got to spend our last day with Shannu and John! And the wedding itself was gorgeous with a party that was an absolute blast afterward!

Apr 10

Celtics v Cavs & Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  We made that fun French Toast Casserole again.  So good.

We also went to the Celtics Cavaliers game!  Some of the crew who was in town for Philip’s shindig was still in town for the game, and they had tickets across the arena from us.  We had ridiculously good seats again.

It was an awesome game.  Such a good win (113-117).  And as our 12th and last regular season game we are attending, our Win Attendance Percentage is .500 – wow.   Their actual Home Win Percentage was .634… I could do a student’s t-test to figure out if our presence was statistically significant in its detrimental effect on the C’s.  But I will keep that to myself.  Let’s see what else can we figure out here.  We attended about 30% of the home games this season, that felt like a good amount – week night games are rough.  We have tickets to some playoff games we are excited about though!

More fun pics after the jump…

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Apr 10

Celtics v Rockets & A Gathering of Gs

This was our 11th game of the season. And a tough loss (119-114) especially since it was such a huge game for Rondo tonight.  He passed Celtic’s great Cousy for franchise record assists in a season AND he played an awesome game tonight (5 rebounds, 10 assists, 23 points, 5 steals).

So we had bought tickets for this game before the season started.  Then, our friend came out to celebrate his pre-weddedness  by gathering his boys together for a Celtics game and this game ended up being the night.  The boys got a luxury box that ended up being right across from our original seats and Jeannette and her friend took some paparazzi shots across the court of the guys night out.   It was a fun night, despite the loss.

And yay Rondo!

More pics after the jump.

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