Mar 13

Phialas in Phoenix

We made a trip to Phoenix to visit Grandparents Fiala, Aunt JoAnn and Jean, Aunt Dori and Uncle Tom, Cousin Jackie, Aunt Dee and Uncle Michael and also got to visit with GG and her two cute kiddos.  Violette got her first dip in a pool (and did not enjoy it very much).  We got to visit Sedona, the Diamondbacks ballpark, downtown PHX and even caught a brewery!  It was fantastic to be able to see family and have a chance to introduce Violette to everyone.  It was her second plane trip and she did wonderful!


Jan 13

January 2013 so far


January has been great fun:

  • V is now 4 months old and can *almost* roll over
  • She saw the C’s break their 4 game losing streak at her 5th Celtics game
  • She saw the C’s extend their winning streak to 5 games – their longest W streak of the season so far (her 6th game)
  • She was a hit at the Garden in her Brady jersey and Rondo headband
  • She made it through her first entire C’s game and then celebrated at Beerworks
  • She still loves watching football

  • Tea flower from our China tripTea flower from our China trip
  • Happy GirlHappy Girl
  • Posing at DaycarePosing at Daycare
  • Sleeping under Mama's deskSleeping under Mama's desk
  • Rondo fanRondo fan
  • V's 5th Celtics gameV's 5th Celtics game
  • CaptivatedCaptivated
  • Going...Going...
  • Going...Going...
  • Gone!Gone!
  • Wearing Great-Grandmothers handiworkWearing Great-Grandmothers handiwork
  • Curling her tongueCurling her tongue
  • Giggle gamesGiggle games
  • So cute and happySo cute and happy
  • LaughingLaughing
  • Daycare is awesome!Daycare is awesome!
  • Aunt Shannon's owl hatAunt Shannon's owl hat
  • Uncle Thadd's owl hatUncle Thadd's owl hat
  • Naartjie outfit from her South African friendsNaartjie outfit from her South African friends
  • So gigglySo giggly
  • Miss Amy's hatMiss Amy's hat
  • So fancy in her faux-fur collar dressSo fancy in her faux-fur collar dress
  • Go Brady!Go Brady!
  • V at her 6th Celtic's gameV at her 6th Celtic's game
  • Supporting TB at the C's gameSupporting TB at the C's game
  • Celebrating a C's win at BeerworksCelebrating a C's win at Beerworks
  • So happy on her Saturday errandsSo happy on her Saturday errands
  • Kitty tails are softKitty tails are soft
  • Daddy's favorite dressDaddy's favorite dress
  • Dad picked this dress out 10 months agoDad picked this dress out 10 months ago
  • Happy, Happy, Happy.Happy, Happy, Happy.
  • Focused on the gameFocused on the game
  • Touch Down!Touch Down!
  • 34-DSC_0303.JPG34-DSC_0303.JPG
  • Go Pats!Go Pats!
  • Baby Brady.Baby Brady.

Nov 12

Week 11 in Review

  • Violette spent more cuddle time with Miss Lis and Mr. Philip
  • We went to the Celtics-Spurs game, with a BeerWorks post game
  • Had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Pastor John’s house, with only one wardrobe change required
  • Took V on her first commuter rail ride up to Manchester-by-the-Sea for a visit with Gary and Daniel
  • Headed back to BeerWorks to watch another Celtics game and hang out with the Sheehy crew (setting V’s current record of 3 trips to BeerWorks in 1 week).
  • V had her first bath and loved kicking in the water!


  • DSC_0052.JPGDSC_0052.JPG
  • DSC_0063.JPGDSC_0063.JPG
  • DSC_0071.JPGDSC_0071.JPG
  • DSC_0075.JPGDSC_0075.JPG
  • IMAG0509.jpgIMAG0509.jpg
  • IMAG0512.jpgIMAG0512.jpg
  • IMAG0514.jpgIMAG0514.jpg
  • Bed Head!Bed Head!
  • DSC_0080.JPGDSC_0080.JPG
  • DSC_0082.JPGDSC_0082.JPG
  • DSC_0090.JPGDSC_0090.JPG
  • DSC_0092.JPGDSC_0092.JPG
  • Headed to Pastor John's HouseHeaded to Pastor John's House
  • IMAG0515.jpgIMAG0515.jpg
  • DSC_0103.JPGDSC_0103.JPG
  • DSC_0110.JPGDSC_0110.JPG
  • DSC_0115.JPGDSC_0115.JPG
  • DSC_0118.JPGDSC_0118.JPG
  • DSC_0123.JPGDSC_0123.JPG
  • DSC_0133.JPGDSC_0133.JPG
  • DSC_0141.JPGDSC_0141.JPG
  • DSC_0149.JPGDSC_0149.JPG
  • DSC_0157.JPGDSC_0157.JPG
  • DSC_0159.JPGDSC_0159.JPG
  • DSC_0162.JPGDSC_0162.JPG
  • DSC_0173.JPGDSC_0173.JPG
  • DSC_0185.JPGDSC_0185.JPG
  • DSC_0195.JPGDSC_0195.JPG
  • DSC_0197.JPGDSC_0197.JPG
  • DSC_0208.JPGDSC_0208.JPG
  • DSC_0210.JPGDSC_0210.JPG
  • IMAG0526.jpgIMAG0526.jpg
  • IMAG0527.jpgIMAG0527.jpg
  • 1st bath!1st bath!
  • 1st microscope!1st microscope!
  • DSC_0020.JPGDSC_0020.JPG
  • DSC_0023.JPGDSC_0023.JPG
  • DSC_0024.JPGDSC_0024.JPG

Sep 12

Epic Walk

We went on an epic walk today.  We walked from the South End, through Back Bay, across the Charles River, through MIT, to Central Square, back through Tech Square and Kendall Square, along the Charles to North Point Park, under the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge, through Paul Revere Park into Charlestown, along the Charlestown Harborwalk to the USS Constitution, back to the Charlestown Bridge to get back across the river, down Causeway Street to the TD Garden, to eat dinner at Boston Beer Works, through the North End, through the Christopher Columbus Park on the waterfront, through Faneuil Hall to the Old State House, through Downtown Crossing, through the Boston Commons, down Columbus past Bay Village and back through the South End to home.

The pictures below are taken on a phone camera, so while some are good, some aren’t so awesome.


Jun 12

Red Sox L v Mariners

What great fun for a Seattle-Bostonian Baby Shower!