Dec 12

Prepping for Violette’s 1st Christmas

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Nov 12

More Pictures from Week 8 to 9

(8 weeks)

Hurricane Sandy came on Monday and we got to work from home and stay with Violette. Over the course of the day, she definitely grew and was much heavier to hold at the end of the day then she was at the beginning. And, Jeannette swears she grew a bridge for her nose during one of her naps. The rest of the week was good, more fun outfits, and V made her 3rd trip to the salon – not bad for 2 months old. She smiles all the time now, giggles some, and has learned to grab the crinkly wings on her owl mirror.

Nov 12

2 months old

Today V made it to 2 months. The power went out for awhile, just in time for dinner by candlelight. Violette woke up when it came back on, and no one was worse for the wear.

Sep 12

Look what we made!

Look what we made for Violette’s nursery:





And when I say “we”, I mean “Josh”.  🙂

Aug 12

10 days until V is due

Violette is due in 10 days.  We took some photos of Jeannette’s belly with baby clothes for Jeannette’s mom.  We also took some time to figure out how to wear the Baby Bjorn and Moby wrap.  Also, the kitties were being super cute today so they got their pictures taken too.  Then, we went to Clink for dinner (in the old Charles Street jail) to distract ourselves from the waiting game.  We also had a nice long walk home!