Mar 12

Dropkick Murphys

The Beck came in to town for her 2nd annual St. Patrick’s Day trip.  Last year we took her to see the Mary Poppins musical.  This year we took her to a concert by one of our favorite bands:  The Dropkick Murphys.  They are super Boston, super Irish – perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day trip to Boston.

It was an awesome show and we had a great time!

(pictures are  courtesy of Becky Allen)

Aug 11

More Zydeco!!!

Tonight Josh was riding to Downtown crossing for our regular walk home from work together and, from two bridges over, heard a Zydeco band playing over at the Boston Children’s Museum. He turned around to go figure out what was going on and saw the Squeezebox Stompers playing an outdoor show at the museum! Jeannette met him there and we enjoyed a great night of Zydeco and signature New Orleans drinks, raffignacs, and beignets! We do love the Squeezebox Stompers.

Jul 11

Zydeco in Boston!

On our trip to New Orleans, it was Josh’s desire to find some Zydeco. It wasn’t until the last day we found a store playing Zydeco and we bought an album (Beau Jocque) . We listen to it every week!

Tonight, we found Zydeco in Boston! There was a neighborhood event by Josh’s office and they had the Squeezebox Stompers there!  Jeannette came over after work and we had some free burgers from Barlow’s and listened to the band. We loved it!


May 10

Laswell in Boston

Greg Laswell is in Boston! He comes pretty often, but he’s playing in an awesome venue again. (We don’t like the Berklee Red place very much… Seems like worship band at the Point Loma Cafe.) Yay for Laswell at a proper venue! Yay for Paradise Rock Club!

Apr 10

Snoop D.O. Double G

We went to see Snoop tonight at the House of Blues.  It was actually a fairly disappointing experience.  Jeannette got there in time to hear the openers: Kidz in the Hall and 88-Keys (who brought out Izza Kizza).  While 88-Keys and Izza Kizza were fun, there was a LONG time between sets, especially for a week night show – in Boston (where venues are kept to strict shut down times).  Then after 88 Keys finished, they turned on the house lights and people milled around.

Josh made it to the show after the opening acts were done.  Then we waited.  And waited.

And then we waited some more.  After about an hour people started getting upset.  Those with floor tickets started throwing their drinks on the stage and the House of Blues people had to go and keep retrieving the cups and wiping down the stage floor.  I think people were aiming for the DJ’s equipment that was already set up for Snoop’s crew.  Anyways, it was pushing an hour and half between the last opener and the headliner before the lights went down.

Snoop finally came out around 11:30pm.  He did his thing, said goodbye and the lights were up and people were being herded out by 12:08am.  Such a bummer!! Jeannette had been there since 7:50pm to hear ~30 minutes of Snoop.

Apparently he had a problem getting down Lansdowne Street because the Red Sox won at the same time and he couldn’t get through.  He apologized.  At the end he said he would come back to Boston anytime we all wanted.

Snoop’s people might have thought the timing would work out, but the Sox went to 12 innings tonight and won on a Youk walk-off double.  I think maybe artists should come at the same time as the openers on Sox game days when playing at the House of Blues.

Regardless, Snoop has quite the stage presence.  As soon as he walked out and started his gig – everyone was instantly smitten and happy again.  Jeannette got teared up immediately and felt like she was seeing Elvis (her equivalent, not the ghost).  But still… then it was over as soon as it began and the feelings of disappointment set in.  So sad.

These signs were NOT up a few weeks ago at the Dropkick Murphys concert we went to. Only for Snoop. So funny. They were literally posted every 5 feet, on every wall, railing and other surface. And they did not work. Cops were pulling the most blatant offenders out of the crowd.