Celtics W v Heat – 78-66

Fiallen Game 15

This game was brutal to watch for the first 3 quarters.  It was as if two Washington Generals teams were playing each other.  The Heat’s “big” 3 didn’t play, and Bosh wasn’t suited up.  PP started for the C’s, and Rondo suited up, but didn’t play – so it was a lot of young bench versus young bench.  The C’s didn’t score until the 7th  minute in the first quarter.  Lots of in-and-outs, turnovers and shots just not falling.  The offense on both teams was just silly.  In the 4th quarter Sasha decided to have a career game in one quarter.  For awhile it looked like we wouldn’t break 60, but Sasha and the Fiala favorite Quisy got us a W 78-66.

This was our last game to attend for the regular season.  We had tickets to 16 games, but gave one game away due to a family emergency.


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