W – Celtics (91) v Magic (80)

Fiallen Game 14

  • We saw what was probably Quisy’s last NBA game ever today.  🙁  It was super scary.  He bounced off of Arenas and collapsed face forward and didn’t move.  The game didn’t resume for a long time and he left on a stretcher.
  • We got tickets through MIT to sit in the Promenade – so we weren’t in our normal seats.  Awesome bird’s eye view of the game, but it felt pretty removed from the excitement of being with the Garden crowd.
  • Jeannette’s wearing her Jesus shirt to every game until he beats Reggie’s 3 pt record.
  • There was a marching band at half-time! They were great fun!
  • We got to see Gino make an appearance at the end of the game too.

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  1. […] The crowd went crazy.  The picture of Quisy below from warm-ups came out pretty cool.  We were at the scary game where he got hurt so bad.  We like having him […]

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